Garrett’s Blog: Canadian Smoke Tinting Arkansas & Oklahoma Skies

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Sunrise June 30th from Poteau Oklahoma. Photo: Romona Deleplank

The sky will have a red tint at both dusk and dawn tonight and tomorrow due to numerous wild fires burning in Canada. The smoke has traveled nearly 2,000 miles from Saskatchewan & Alberta where over 200 fires are currently burning.

Image 29

The smoke is being blown in from the upper level winds which are rotating clockwise around a large area of high pressure centered near the four corners.

Image 27

The GOES Visible Satellite shows the smoke plume Tuesday afternoon extending all the way into Tennessee and northern portions of Mississippi & Alabama.

Image 28

Most impressive in the TERRA MODIS Satellite from NASA which shows the smoke especially thick across Missouri and south Illinois into Tennessee.

The planetary conjunction tonight of Venus and Jupiter will be visible this evening but will likely have a red tint due to the smoke aerosols still suspended high within the atmosphere.


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