Visitors Concerned About Litter At Natural Dam Swimming Hole

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CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM)- There is a sign at the Natural Dam swimming hole that reads "Pack it in, pack it out," but not everyone has been paying attention and without trash cans visitors say the litter is piling up.

Jason Shaffer and his family visited the area Tuesday (June 30).

"It's a nice, pretty place," Shaffer said. "But it's a shame that there's no trash cans to leave your stuff. A lot of beer cans and even diapers washed up on the side of the creek."

Shaffer said he would like to see the area better taken care of, especially since he enjoys bringing his young son with him.

"There's an awful lot of people smoking," he said. "And I guess that's their choice, but I wish they would take it home with them instead of leaving it out in the water."

Tuesday was Theresa Hooks' first time visiting Natural Dam and she said she had some concerns as well.

"I've got flip flops on," she said. "What if I stepped on a piece of glass and I didn't see it? I'm a diabetic. I don't need to step on nobody's glass. I'd be messing around and have my foot cut off."

Hooks said if trash cans are not a possibility then visitors should pick up after themselves.

"If people have to bring their own plastic trash bags, do something," she said. "Just don't mess it up. It's too beautiful up here."

Some visitors said they have been picking up trash left behind by others.

Natural Dam is located in the Ozark National Forest, which is run by the U.S. Forestry Service. The service was not available for comment.


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