Fourth Of July Fancy Foods With NWA Foodie

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One of the many staples of summertime is grilling, and plenty of people will fire up their grills while celebrating the 4th of July. Lyndi Fultz, better known as NWA Foodie, did some grilling for us at her home and shared some simple ways to make a traditional meal a little fancier.

“There are three things we will focus on - burgers, potato salad and watermelon. But we will do everything with a twist,” Fultz said.

She said most people who own a grill already know what they’re doing, but she did give us one tip.

“When you flip your burger, let the meat rest so the juices can go back into the meat. A lot of people press on the burgers, but they’re losing all those good juices and flavors,” Fultz said.

She had prepared two types of meat, turkey and beef, and stuffed them with chopped portabella mushrooms and smoked Gouda cheese. As if that wasn’t fancy enough, Fultz also offers some non-traditional burger toppings, like sliced avocadoes and pickled beets, in addition to the common toppings.

But, if you really want to take your burger to the next level, you have to prepare what Fultz refers to as “spicy slaw.” It’s a combination of cabbage, cilantro, scallions, pickles, ranch dressing, and serrano peppers.

Fultz also put a unique twist on some common side dishes – potato salad and watermelon. She says the secret to her potato salad is red potatoes.

“I boiled them ahead of time, cut them in half, rubbed them with olive oil, and grilled them,” Fultz said.

Then, you add scallions, green onions and celery, toss it in white wine vinegar, and let it marinate overnight. Finally, just mix it with your favorite mayonnaise.

As for the watermelon, Fultz cuts it into cubes then adds olive oil, lime juice and a chopped serrano pepper. And, if you really want to try something crazy, toss in some feta cheese.

Finally, Fultz gave us the rundown on a simple but delicious dessert that’s perfectly patriotic for Independence Day. Just take a Nilla wafer, add whipped cream, then top it with a blueberry and raspberry (or strawberry). The result is red, white and blue, and it serves as a quick and easy dessert.

For more cooking ideas, checkout Lyndi’s blog.

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