Wednesday’s Storms Topple Trees, Barns In Prairie Grove

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PRAIRIE GROVE (KFSM) - The National Weather Service will be surveying damage in Prairie Grove next week after trees and structures were torn down Wednesday by high winds(July 3).

Bud Moore lives on Hank Sargent Road where most of the damage happened.

"The rain got heavier the wind got strongerĀ  and the visibility was probably less than 75 feet at the worst of it," Moore said.

He said when he saw the trees on his property nearly bent in half, he and his wife debated taking cover.

"We were kind of thinking about we might maybe go, better go back to the master bedroom in the closet and start looking for a place to hide," Moore said.

Moore said down the road at his son's property, a roof was blown off his barn, several pine trees were snapped in half and his TV antennae was bent to the ground.

"My wife and kids were home and the wind picked up really big and a lot leaves and small limbs were hurling through the air they said and then major noise started with trees falling all around," Robert Rhein said, who lives down the road from the Moore's.

He said at least a dozen trees were down on his property, including a 150-year-old Cottonwood that was split in half by the wind.

"It could have been worse the good Lord watched this tree and fell it in front, two more feet and it could have been on the house," Rhein said.

The National Weather Service will be looking into whether the damage was caused by straight-line winds or a small tornado.

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