Break-In At Fireworks Stand May Cost Team Trip To World Series

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- A fireworks stand in Fayetteville was broken into Friday night (July 3), and a thousand dollars of merchandise was stolen. The stand was raising money for a softball team to compete at the World Series.

"These girls work their butts off, we've done fundraiser after fundraiser we've been really working a lot for the last month to try to get all of our money raised, so when something like this happens we don't know how we are going to get it back," Softball mom Bobbie Wolf said.

She said they're raising money for the Venom softball team, which is the no. 1 team in Missouri and ranked 19th in the country.

"Their morale is really down because they know that that cuts into our profits, because we are responsible for everything in here and their moods aren't the same," Wolf said.

She said it happened late Friday night (July 3), after the stand closed down. Wolf said the thieves took the blankets off their beds, loaded them with fireworks, then drug them across the field to a truck.

"I was kind of scared shocked because the whole bed was messed up there were boxes everywhere stuff missing," Player Lakota Wolf said, "I was worried because we weren't going to have enough money for the trip and that's what our main goal is right now."

Wolf said the team leaves for the World Series on July 16, and as of now, they're $4200 short of what they need.

"I'm probably going to put my truck up for a loan or something so I can make up the rest of the money somehow," Wolf said.

To donate to the team's GoFundMe account, click here.


  • ugotthatrite

    is it $1000 dollars worth of merc stolen or thousands of dollars? because if it’s $1000, they would still be $3200 short…are we suppose to feel sorry for them? jus say’n. where was their security? not only does this sound suspicious, it sounds like an inside job!!!

  • Faith Stone

    The entire team lives in Palmyra Mo. so why are they selling fireworks 6 hrs./373 miles away from home here? That and they were 3,200.00 short of the goal before the 1,000.00 theft and it sounds like the responsible adults did a ridiculously poor job of securing the merchandise. Something about this story just doesn’t wash in my opinion hopefully I am wrong. It definitely isn’t inspiring sympathy although I hope the pathetic thieves are caught. Regardless it sounds like they need to pull together and finish earning for their trip. They are lucky more wasn’t taken.

  • Shelly Emmert (@EmmertShelly)

    For those of you who commented below: My name is Shelly Emmert my daughter plays on this team so here are the facts. The team is from McDonald County Missouri just across the state line and yes, we are in this channels viewing area. They are NOT from somewhere else far off they are from Noel, Pineville, Southwest City and yes even Rogers Arkansas. We contracted with a company to sell fireworks in Fayetteville hoping to raise the funds to get us to the World Series. Most of these girls can not afford to play without fundraising. They have NEVER been charged a dime!!! The robbery took place as the stand closed and it was thousand of dollars worth of merchandise that we had to pre pay for! So we were responsible – not an inside job here! You asked about security, if we had paid a security team we would have been even further in the hole. Its a fundraiser! We had volunteers working around the clock and it happened while they were asleep after 1:00 am. We never even imagined that someone would do such a thing to a bunch of girls. If you checked your facts you would have seen that the GO Fund Me site you referred to was set up in June with our goal. Way before the theft even took place. At the time of the theft the girls were still short about $2,700-$3,000 depending on expenses. We will not let your HATEFUL comments bring them down! They have been victimized enough. Our team is still short of funds but we are not quitters and We Will Not Give Up. This is many of our girls best shot at college scholarships we just want better lives for them.

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