Family Celebrates Decades-Long Tradition At Lake Tenkiller

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LAKE TENKILLER (KFSM) -- Strayhorn Landing Campground is one of five sites on Lake Tenkiller that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers partially opened in time for the holiday weekend.

"[The] skies parted, sun is shining and we were able to actually come out -- so it means the world, actually, to us," Bryan Wingfield said.

That's because his whole family has been coming to the campground for more than 30 years.

"We just so happen to come to the same spot -- it just so happens to be open every year," Wingfield said.

Three generations of the family were able to celebrate the Fourth of July together, and they plan to continue the celebration for another week.

"It's amazing how all the years we've stayed very close. And family reunions and get togethers is what life is all about," Ray Wingfield said.