Firework Tent Vendors Sell Leftover Merchandise

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SEBASTIAN COUNTY (KFSM)-With the 4th of July holiday weekend coming to an end, many firework tents across the area had merchandise for sale at a discount on Sunday (July 5).

Darin Person owns Cardinal Fireworks on Highway 253. He opened at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday, and marked all leftover items 50 percent-off. His family opened the week of June 21st, and July 5 is the last day they will be open to the public.

Person said the busiest days were July 3rd and July 4th.

“It’s not our best year we’ve ever had, but the weather held off and cooperated real well with us, so we had a pretty good year,” Person said. “We’ve only had one bad year, and that was the year of the drought, and the over 100 degree weather every day, but this year was pretty good.”

He said Cardinal employees will clean everything up on Monday (July 6).