32-Year-Old Man Dies After Fight In Whitesboro, Deputies Investigating

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LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM) - A 32-year-old man died after a fight in Whitesboro on June 27, deputies say.

The LeFlore County Sheriff's Office announced on Tuesday (July 7) it is investigating the incident as a homicide.

The man who died was identified as Brandon A. Martinez, according to deputies.

Deputies said Martinez was involved in a fight at the residence of an unnamed acquaintance in Whitesboro on June 27. He was later found by deputies and medical personnel lying on the floor unresponsive and bleeding heavily.

Undersheriff Kendall Morgan said Martinez was flown to Sparks Hospital in Fort Smith where he later died from his injuries.

“Right now what we know is there was a large laceration to the neck, and there were other bodily injuries to Mr. Martinez,” Morgan said. “Until we get all the autopsy reports back, we really won`t know exactly what all the injuries were.”

Morgan said they have already identified some suspects.

“We have numerous names that are being thrown around, and we`re just trying to get everybody to come in, and give their side of the story,” Morgan said.

Morgan also said the family has been notified.

“They are aware of what`s going on, and they realize that we are working this as a homicide,” Morgan said.

The incident is still under investigation, but no charges have yet been filed in the case.