Hindus Looking To Put Lord Hanuman Statue On Ark. State Capitol Grounds

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LITTLE ROCK (KTHV) – In April, Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed a bill that would allow a Ten Commandments monument to be displayed on Arkansas State Capitol grounds. On Tuesday, it was announced that, in response to this, Hindus would like to erect a privately funded statue of Lord Hanuman on the grounds.

According to a release posted on Hindu statesman Rajan Zed’s website, Zed said in a statement in Nevada that Arkansas has a substantial number of Hindu residents and students who would love to see a statue of Lord Hanuman.

The release reads in part:

“Rajan Zed indicated that besides honoring the Arkansas Hindus, this statue would raise awareness of Arkansans about Hinduism, oldest and third largest religion of the world with about one billion adherents and a rich philosophical though.”

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  • ugotthatrite

    not sure about the hindu statute, but that one representing “satan” would be very appropriate seeing how…..we’re going to hades in a basket…laws yes

  • Jimi Harris

    I didn’t know about the 10 commandments until I saw it on the news and to be honest, I’m cool with it. If anything else gets suggested to be placed on the grounds it should be voted in by the citizens of Arkansas. After all it belongs to us, the citizens of Arkansas.

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