Taco Plate Entrepreneur Returns to Walmart Summit

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- Walmart's U.S. Manufacturing Summit began today (July 7) at Walmart Home Office, in Bentonville. The first day of the two day summit is called, Open Call Day, where entrepreneurs from across the country come to pitch their product to merchants for a chance to sell it in Walmart stores, Walmart.com and Sam's Club.

The Open Call event works with anyone who is able to apply, as long as they have a product to pitch to Walmart merchants, and not just an idea. The the product is approved, then it can go on shelves for customers to buy across the country.

"We're inviting entrepreneurs from across the country to come and pitch their products directly to our merchants," said Kayla Whaling, Walmart Spokeswoman.

An internal study showed that where a product is made is second only to price in influencing many customers' shopping decisions. Therefore, Walmart customers highly value a made in The USA label.

Almost 8 in ten Americans say they would rather buy American-made products, according to a recent Consumer Reports Survey.

To localize the summit, a Fayetteville man pitched his idea at last year's summit. Hugh Jarratt sold Walmart merchants 1 million  of his taco plate, and this year he's back with a new invention that tucks pant bottoms into a sock, along with other functions.

The summit ends on Wednesday (July 8).