Fort Smith Walmart Refuses To Sell Class Ring Featuring Confederate Flag

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)-  A Fort Smith woman has to make other plans for her nephew's gift after she said Walmart refused to sell her the class ring she ordered because it had a the Confederate flag on it.

Elaine Glidewell said the store called her to come pick it up, but when she got there she was told they could not sell her the ring.

“I wanted to cry," she said. "I stood there with tears in my eyes."

Glidewell said she was going to give the ring to her nephew, who graduated from Southside High School this year.

“I went to Walmart, ordered his ring just like he wanted it," she said. "I got the mascot on the ring, the Rebel, and I guess what you would say the Confederate flag. I ordered the ring, they said it would take four to six weeks for the ring to come in.”

She said she went to pick it up at the Walmart on Zero Street Tuesday (July 7).

"They wouldn't let me have the ring. It had a note on it, was in a plastic bag, it said do not sell. It was signed by the store manager,” Glidewell said.

Glidewell said the ring was worth $320 and she got a refund.

“Walmart announced several weeks ago that we would no longer be able to provide merchandise promoting the Confederate flag,” Brian Nick, the director of national media relations for Walmart, said. “So, in this instance a customer wanted to complete the purchase of a ring with a Confederate flag on it so we refunded the customers money.”

Walmart announced the change to its merchandise policy the last week of June. Glidewell said she ordered the ring in May.

“[The store employee] said 'well, we are going to melt it' and I said ‘you are going to melt my ring?’ And he said 'we can’t sell it,'” Glidewell said.

Glidewell said she's determined to find her nephew a ring before he leaves for college.

“I would give anything to have that ring. Anything. Just because it means so much to him,” Glidewell said.

Nick said Walmart is working with Glidewell to put her in touch with the third-party distributor that makes class rings.


  • Glenn A Charette

    SUE walmart they made a legally binding commitment to her before they announced their new policy. They have to complete that legal contract. It does not matter how they feel or that they changed the policy after the contract was made.

    • Bil Carter

      Glenn – I’m not sure where you got that legalistic, yet erroneous idea. The merchandise was never delivered, therefore, the transaction was never completed. Wal-Mart was within their rights to cancel the sale. If somebody put $1000 in your hand for your car, but you changed your mind about the sale, you would be required to give the money back, but you do not have to give up your car. You own it until you relinquish possession of it in a fair exchange.

      • David Appleyard (@David_Appleyard)

        There are four elements to a contract: an offer, consideration, acceptance and mutuality.

        Walmart offered a product (offer); the product was promised in exchange for money (consideration), delivered within a certain period of time; they mutually agreed on the ring design (acceptance) and placed the order.

        The terms of the “acceptance” changed after the original agreement, making Walmart in breach. She does have a legitimate cause for damages, because a refund does not satisfy the “mutuality” aspect, which she relied upon.

      • Leten Uno

        Walmart’s is acting as a broker for a custom designed product. The ‘contract’ that is signed clearly states they have the right to refuse delivery of the product. They have the right to bar this person from their store for life if they so choose. All they are entitled to on the document they signed is a full refund.
        So you know the ring was returned to the 3rd party. The customer has been put in contact with the 3rd party and will be able to purchase the exact ring directly from the manufacturer. In fact it’s likely on Fedex as we speak.

    • Leten Uno

      “absolutely not the way Sam Walton would have handled it”. And how exactly would you know this. If you said my opinion is same would have handled it differently that may be true.
      Sam was a ruthless as a business man. He and the remaining company have made some associates and companies rich. They have also destroyed entire business districts and business’s with their presence and practice
      Sam may have done any number of things. Give the the ring, sell them the ring, take the ring himself and give it to the people or several other options.
      But to clarify I think what your saying is, in the old days, with Sam, we used our brains. We did concentrate on form, function was what drove us. The buyer, assistant buyer, store manager or regional, even the Jewelry department would have not allowed this situation get this far. This ring would have been identified, and a message sent to the customer ahead of time. It probably would have been a phone call stating that because of policy changes the item was no longer available through walmart. And to call this number, speak with this person and the item will be on your doorstep the next morning.

  • Joyce Allerton

    Walmart has gone down hill fast…..ever since Sam Walton passed away….He was the kind of man that wanted to see his customers happy….Sure wished he was still here….

  • Tina Webster-Scroggins

    So someone can not refuse to sell a cake because it goes against their religious beliefs but stores can refuse to sell things because its “offensive” its the kids school mascot i just dont understand

  • Amber M Obano

    Contact jostled
    Not sure how it is spelled they are the conan that goes into the schools and sells the rings directly it’s also who Walmart gets the class rings from see the catalog at the jewelry counter should have direct Web site listed

  • Jack McGarrett Deangelo

    Funny how you weren’t offended by the Confederate Flag til Liberals told you to be.. lol

    Companies bow to liberals / racialists like sheeple in complete cowardice everytime they scream and rant about something that has nothing to do with nothing. The Confederate Flag is now just a symbol of southerness pride, not about slavery, which has been eradicated by President Lincoln and the Repubican North since 1865.

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