Justice Of The Peace Bonds Out After Being Arrested On Suspicion Of Domestic Battery

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - A Sebastian County justice of the peace has bonded out of jail after being arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault, third-degree domestic battery and first-degree terroristic threatening, records show.

John Spradlin, 59, grabbed a relative by the throat Monday night (July 6) after accusing the relative of typing a document incorrectly, according to a police report.

According to the Sebastian County prosecuting attorney's office, Spradlin was released Tuesday (July 7) from the Sebastian County Detention Center on a $3,500 bond.

Sebastian County Prosecuting Attorney Daniel Shue said because of a conflict of interest, the case will be handled by a special prosecuting attorney assigned by the state's office in Little Rock.

Spradlin is a member of the Sebastian County Quorum Court.

The report states that Spradlin said, "I ought to kill you," and, "I should beat your head in" to the relative.

After the relative scratched Spradlin trying to get out of his hold, the report states Spradlin attempted to prevent the relative from escaping the house by grabbing the relative's hair.

The relative ran to a nearby apartment complex and police were notified, according to the report.

Spradlin had previously been arrested and charged with a second-degree terroristic threat on Jan. 11, 2006, and bonded out at $2,500, records show.  According to the Fort Smith district judge officials, Spradlin appeared in court eight days later, and the case was taken under advisement for six months. The case was dismissed after Spradlin cooperated during that time period, records show.

A court date has not been set in the case.

If Spradlin is convicted, Gov. Asa Hutchinson would appoint a new Justice of the Peace, according to County Judge David Hudson.



  • cultureissueconfirmed

    Tip of the iceberg in Sebastian County courts.

    Dead mistresses, missing and abused kids, drugs, quid pro quo arrangements, all part of the system that’s supposed to be designed to rectify wrongs. There’s a Pulitzer waiting for some brave news reporter who will investigate and expose the individuals hiding IN the system to beat the system. It’s gross.

  • ugotthatrite

    i know him to be a good guy and his behavior these last few years are out of the ordinary. sometimes, hidden beneath the surface lies a medical problem. whether exasperated through alcohol, the summer heat, the aging process or a combination of the three. i’m hoping he can get this identified and under control….prayers to him and his kinfolk

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