Pastor Believes Vandals Targeted Predominately African-American Church

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SPIRO (KFSM)- One of the pastors at Mount Triumph Baptist Church, a small, predominately African-American church in Spiro, believes his church was targeted by vandals over the weekend.

Pastor Wesley Hooks said late Sunday evening (July 5) the church's sign on Highway 271 fell down. He initially thought the wind blew it down, but after taking a second look he said the circumstances seemed suspicious.

“I came out yesterday to look at it myself, and that's when I discovered there were tire tracks, the pole was down on the ground, the sign is damaged,” Hooks said.

Hooks said the church does not know who could have vandalized the sign, while another church sign across the street was untouched.

“I don't want to speculate, but what it looks like is that someone hooked up to it with a chain and pulled it down deliberately,” Hooks said.

He said he does not want to assume the vandalism had to do with race.

“I don't want to say yes, don't want to say no, don't want to discount it at the same time, but there could be a correlation to what's going on in the country and our church being targeted,” Hooks said.

For now, Pastor Hooks said he has a plan to move the congregation past this.

“We have to love in spite of, and not only that the church has to move forward and not let one incident dictate the ministry.” Hooks said.

He also has a plan for the sign.

“We're going to put the sign back up. If they knock it down again, we'll put it back up again," he said. "We're not going to allow people dictate what we do. They knock it down, we'll pick it back up."

The church plans to replace the sign once the ground dries out from all the rain.

The LeFlore County Sheriff's Office said the case is under investigation.


  • arnold fudpucker

    Of course, if it has anything to do with blacks then it has to be racism right! Have you already forgotten about the church fire thing you so excitedly proclaimed to be an act of racism only it turned out to be lightning? Maybe some drunken illegal ran the sign over! That would be more likely now would it not.

  • Motorcycle Mama

    How about some drunk ran over the sign and drove off as a possibility? Why does everything that happens to anyone other than whites, is automatically considered racially motivated? Good grief people listen to yourselves. And as for Channel 5, stop helping to cultivate the racial bias in this community. And if you say “whaaa…no I didn’t” Look at the headline. And then, by the way the Pastor answered, the reporter undoubtedly asked him if he felt it was racially motivated. The Pastor didn’t even want to directly bring that into the story. He simply wants justice for his damaged property. And I hope he does get justice from the idiot that did the damage and then left.

  • Susan Brodie

    The pastor said he at first thought the wind blew it down, & then on further inspection, it looked like someone had hooked a chain or something up to it & pulled it from the ground. He doesn’t know if it’s related to what’s going on around the country, I suspect it is, but hope not, hope we have better people in this area.

  • Never go full liberal

    Media has to keep the fire stoked in order to have something to report about. Headline should have read “Pastor Believes Vandals Targeted Church in Spiro, OK” Also until the media stops using the word “minority” no one will ever feel equal, we are all human beings no less and no more.

    • arnold fudpucker

      You have to add that as long as certain groups keep referring to themselves as some hyphenated American they will continue to bring negative feeling on themselves. You are either American or you are not. If you feel the need to be hyphenated the proceed to go to that country where feel so much affinity.

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