Bond Set At $500,000 For Barling Man Accused Of Shooting Runner

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - The bond has been set at $500,000 cash for the man who shot and killed a runner Saturday (July 11).

John Suleski, 24, was charged with first degree murder and unlawful discharge of a firearm inside a vehicle after the shooting of Brent Morrison, 44.

Suleski pleaded not guilty.

Authorities found Morrison's body near Wells Lake Road and ruled that he died of multiple gunshot wounds.

Detectives spoke with witnesses in the area and Suleski who was also still at the scene of the crime. After interviewing him about what happened, detectives immediately placed him under arrest in connection to Morrison's death.

Prosecutors said Suleski confessed to what happened admitting that he was on Wells Lake Road to kill himself when he took Morrison's life instead.

Suleski is behind bars at the Sebastian County Detention Center. His next court date was not made available.


  • nwajack0

    Way to support our troops judge: by granting bail to a confessed murderer. Anybody else wondering why we should blindly worship the military? Especially veterans that come back with violent PTSD and drug & alcohol problems?

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