Springdale Bans Box Trucks From Residential Areas, Limits Parking In Street

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – The Springdale City Council voted on Tuesday (July 14) to ban box trucks from residential areas and to set a time limit on how long people can park on a neighborhood street in front of property that is not their own, officials say.

Now in residential areas, people┬ácan only park in front of property they own, according to Springdale Mayor Doug Sprouse. If they are parking in front of property they don’t own, they can only remain there for three hours within a 24-hour period. If they stay parked longer, the property owner can file a complaint with authorities, and a citation can be issued, officials said.

According to Sprouse, the issue stemmed from a neighbourhood where cars were being parked in front of different properties, sometimes all day. Property owners had no recourse, the mayor said.

Parking in the street remains banned in places where it was already prohibited prior to the establishment of these new rules.

The new box truck regulations will go into effect in 30 days, according to Sprouse. The new rules limiting how long someone can park on the street in front of property they don’t own go into effect immediately, the mayor said.

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