Adventure Arkansas: Ben Geren Mountain Biking

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It's time to hit the trails, but this time Sean and Joe are off-roading on two wheels in Fort Smith. Prepare for a bumpy ride in this week's Adventure Arkansas.

From playgrounds, to disc golf, to a new water park, Ben Geren Park in Fort Smith hosts an array of adventures. This week, it's all about the 17 miles of bike trails that criss-cross and wind through the park.  5NEWS Meteorologist Joe Pennington and Sean Bailey checked out Scott's Bike shop to get started with mountain biking.

Jeff Jones, the owner/operator of the shop, shared some tips. "The first piece of advice is to move at your own pace. It's always nice to ride with friends, and it's also helpful to ride with people who are better than you to increase your skill level. You also have to keep in mind that the goal is to get to the end of the trail."

Jones says Ben Geren's trail system has something for everyone of all experience levels. "You know I mean it's difficult enough that seasoned riders can enjoy themselves for several hours, but there's plenty to keep a beginner engaged all day as well."

Joe and Sean found themselves jumping from trail to trail, some paved and some on a more rugged path. Jones says it takes time to get used to biking off the beaten path. "With a mountain bike, you need to have some time in the saddle to learn how to navigate the drops, the jumps, the 90 degree turns, and switchbacks on the trail."

After making it through about 8 miles of some major ups and downhills, Joe and Sean started to run out of gas so we felt the rush down those final downhills. "Like most people in this sport, I'm an adrenaline junkie, and it's hard to put a price on a good downhill or a nice jump."

In the hour and a half Joe and Sean mountain biked, they burned about a thousand calories.

For more bike and hiking trails across the area, head over to the interactive Adventure Arkansas map.

Ben Geren Park's Address: 7200 Zero St, Fort Smith, AR

Scott's Bike Shop