Fort Chaffee Heightens Awareness After Tennessee Shooting

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - Fort Chaffee officials said awareness has been raised after the shootings in Chattanooga Thursday morning (July 16).

However, Lt. Col. Joel Lynch said there is no increase in security and no lockdown, but officials have an increased awareness of the situation.

He added that the last time security was increased was in May, when the Department of Defense ordered tighter security at all U.S. bases.

The Sebastian County Sheriff's Office said deputies who have recruitment offices in their regular patrol area will be sure to check on those offices.

"In a precautionary measure, we're doing all that we can -- extra patrolling in recruiting sites and any National Guard places around here. Just in an effort to make sure that everyone's safe and if nothing else -- the presence of a police car may keep someone from taking action," Lt. Philip Pevehouse said.

The Fort Smith Police Department said it is doing the same thing. Officers have been instructed to be vigilant and check on recruitment facilities in their patrol areas.