Greenwood Police Offer Vacation Safety Tips

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GREENWOOD (KFSM) – With many people on vacation during the summer, the Greenwood Police Department wants to remind people of a few tips to keep in mind before residents leave home.

Police Chief Will Dawson suggests having the Post Office hold your mail, and hold your newspaper delivery.

He said leaving a car in the driveway may help make it appear that no one is out of the house, along with setting timers for your lights so they go on and off throughout the day.

One of the main suggestions he has is being careful what pictures you post on social media while you’re on vacation, and keeping your location to yourself.

“You're posting your whereabouts for everybody to see, and it certainly makes you an easy target for people to come break into your home,” Dawson said. “So as much as you want to let everyone know that you're having fun, the best idea is to wait until you get home to post the vacation pictures.”

Dawson also said the Greenwood Police Department offers extra patrolling for the city’s residents.

“Just to have our presence there checking on it -- hopefully would make the citizens feel safe and not have to worry about that while they're on vacation,” Dawson said.

Requesting extra police patrol at your house can be done through the department’s mobile app, website, on the phone or in person.

Dawson said many police departments offer extra patrolling, and suggests calling your local department to find out how to make the request.