Local Business Owners Organizing Event To Help The Homeless

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FORT SMITH/FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- Several local business owners are gearing up for an event to help the homeless in our area.

They're deeming it a ‘Day of Love’. The group will be donating clothes, food and other items and services to those in need.

On Sunday afternoon (July 19), around a dozen volunteers met at Belle Point Park to plan for the event.

"We got together as a bunch of businesses in town," Rick Eubank, organizer said. "We wanted to get together and take care of our homeless community. With all the different opinions on things going on in town, we wanted to try to make sure that we could all come together, and just share our heart for a minute and that heart be in loving people."

The Day of Love will take place in Fort Smith on Monday, August 10 at Belle Point Park.

The event will happen in Fayetteville on Saturday, August 15 in Walker Park.