Adventure Arkansas: Janet Huckabee Nature Center

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It's always fun to have an adventure that will help you beat the heat, without breaking the bank. In this week's Adventure Arkansas, we take you to the Janet Huckabee River Valley Nature Center. 

If you are looking to learn how to explore the outdoors, the Janet Huckabee River Valley Nature Center in Fort Smith is here to help. For not even a single penny, the center will provide you with a canoe or kayak to take on Wells Lake. They also will give you the oars and require you to wear a life jacket.

Chad Lowe, an Education Program Specialist, says it's perfect for beginners.  "We teach a lot of adults, a lot of kids basic strokes how to am urged the boats and things like that and especially safety. Everyone has to wear a life jacket and we make sure they're properly fitted."

5News Reporter, Amy Slanchik, and Sean Bailey took to the water in Wells Lake. It was Amy's first time in a canoe, and together they navigated the coves and scenery of the 12 acre lake effortlessly.

Lowe says there's also classes to get even more Hands on experience. "There's a lot of new water out there and it's a lot of fun, and the fishing is gonna pick up so to have water activities all summer is a pretty great deal."

Also fishing equipment can be rented out too, as long as you bring your own bait. If you want to have your free fun away from the water, test your aim like the Barkley Cousin Camp did at the Outdoor Shooting Gallery. You can try, BB Guns, slings shots and multiple forms of Archery.

"We are teaching kids how to set up, how to stand, how to hold and get their stance out and work on shooting and shooting properly."


The targets can vary as Summer and Kinsley demonstrate. "Archery where you're trying to shoot a floating ping pong ball, and then we have some breakable targets for the BB guns inside. We do a little bit of everything. Teach them how to hold the BB gun up and safety. Firearm safety is always number 1."

It's not just for kids, but adults too. Be sure to check out their "Becoming an Outdoor Woman" course as well!

Wait...there's so much more! We have a link to the list of a wide range of adventures you can have at the Janet Huckabee River Valley Nature Center.

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