Muldrow Police K9 Dies Of Heat Stroke In Vehicle

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MULDROW (KFSM) - A K9 has died as the result of a heat stroke, according to the Muldrow Police Department.

K9 Zeke had been with the department more than four years.

The dog was inside of a patrol unit for longer than an hour on July, 24, 2015. Officer Robert Allen got into work at 4 p.m. and left Zeke in the vehicle with the air conditioner running, according to Chief George Lawson. A domestic battery report kept Allen on the phone for an hour and 15 minutes. When the officer eventually returned to the 2014 Chevy Tahoe, he discovered it had malfunctioned and was only blowing out hot air.

Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Charlie House said the investigation is ongoing.

In a preliminary report, House stated in part: "I told Chief Lawson that I have been a K9 handler for over 5 years and that it was not uncommon for me to leave my K9 in my unit with the air conditioner running while I am in the office working on paperwork. I also told Chief Lawson that the County is having some problems with the air conditioners in our Tahoe's."

House ended the report with this statement: "I told Officer Allen that in my opinion there was nothing that he could have done and that it could have happened to any K9 Officer. I told Officer Allen that I as a K9 Handler was going to learn from this."

Muldrow Police released the following statement on its Facebook page:

"It is with great sadness that we inform our residents of the passing of our K9 Zeke. Zeke was seven years old and worked for MPD for over 4 years. Zeke assisted in over a hundred alerts over his career resulting in numerous drug arrests. Zeke passed as a result of heat stroke from a malfunctioning patrol unit. Thank you to the many individuals, businesses, and Cherokee Nation who assisted with donations in obtaining the funds to purchase him. Zeke will be missed and I ask for your thoughts and prayers for Brad Roberts and Current handler Robert Allen who are missing their partner."


  • Kim Fields Garner

    His response just doesn’t ring true. Why not take the animal in with him? Or leave outside in the shade. It’s trained to stay put when told. Why didn’t he have someone else check on the dog? Too many ways to have handled this situation correctly and he didn’t do one of them. Fire him. He’s not responsible enough to be law enforcement.

  • blawndy88

    This is absolutely unacceptable!! Would that was a police officer he just killed! I’m infuriated! Would he have left a human police officer in the car where he was unable to get out!! Hell no! He would be fired and charged with murder! Something needs to be done about this! Why wouldn’t he have had another officer get him out if he was really busy! This sounds really suspicious. But it really doesn’t matter the reasoning, this cop needs to be held accountable! Just because the dogs can’t stand up for themselves means we should just let this go and overlook this? Well I won’t! I will be looking into every possible way to get this so called cop responsible and reprimanded! I’m totally apalled that the Muldrow Police Dept is going to let this be swept under the carpet! This was like him putting a gun to his partners head and pulling the trigger! Except that would have been more humane since he wouldn’t have suffered and had to have tried an gasp for his last breath! Please everyone!! We have to get justice for Zeke…he wouldn’t have ever done his partner this way because a dog is TRULY loyal.unlike Zekes partner!

  • notnthere

    The police officer knew that there were problems with the ac from previous experience already, and I believe there is also a law stating that a person cannot leave a vehicle running that is not occupied by a licensed driver. He should be held accountable for the horrible death of the k9, and ticketed for leaving the vehicle running while not occupied by a licensed driver.

  • Dianna Mullarkey

    And here I thought the police frowned on anyone A) leaving a dog in the car for any reason and B). leaving a car running for any amount of time. At leas this is what people hear about when something bad happens if they do this in their world. And I guess gas prices and pollution means nothing to this department either. I know the last one is a small issue , but hey this is costing tax payers .

  • Muriel Sutton

    WHY IS IT THAT ALL THE MULDROW POLICE DEPARTMENT CAN SAY IS, “THANK YOU FOR YOUR FEEDBACK. WE WILL LOOK INTO IT.” ??? Have you idiots come to believe you can protect our people when you can’t even protect YOUR POLICE DOGS? Did you not think this would make the news media? Did you not stop to think to yourself that you needed to be protecting one of your own? You idiots do not deserve K-9s. And Zeke certainly didn’t deserve you. Fire Officer Allen for negligence.

  • Leten Uno

    There are several cases where perps kill or injure a police dog. They are charged with a crime against a law enforcement assets, k9 officer. This dog was on duty, in the line of work, It’s neglect, maybe unintentional, but neglect killed this law enforcement officer. Sad for the officer that caused it but he needs to be punished just like they would a a citizen.

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