Fort Smith Police Officer Extends A Helping Hand

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- It is not every day you see a police officer mowing a lawn while in uniform, but on Saturday (July 25), Fort Smith Officer Jeffrey Lum felt he had to.

That is the day Tracey Porter started moving her lawn, but had to take a break from the summer heat.

“I came out to try to mow, and I got the mower from the backyard to the front, and I just mowed this little strip, and I had to sit,” Porter said.

She said her face was red and she was out of breath from working outside. Officer Lum noticed Porter had stopped as he was driving by in his patrol car.

“I stopped to check on her to make sure she did not need any medical attention or water or EMS or anything like that, and she said that she was fine,” Lum said. “As I started to leave she started trying to start the mower again, so I took it away from her and finished mowing the grass."

Porter said she is not sure if she would have gotten it done without Lum's help.

“I thought it was awesome, and I just really appreciate what he did," she said. "It is good to have really friendly officers that really do help people."

Porter said she does get help from her daughter and son-in-law, but she's glad Officer Lum was there when she needed it. Porter said she and her husband are both disabled and she spends most of her time in a wheelchair, but they still like to keep their yard looking nice.

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