Back-To-School Immunization Reminders For Students

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RIVER VALLEY (KFSM) - Kids will head back-to-school as early as this week which means it's time to make sure your kids are vaccinated with the right medications. Doctors are making sure kids go back to the classroom healthy ahead of the upcoming school year.

Kids going into kindergarten through 12th grade and even college will need to get a check-up.

During the routine exam, the doctor will check your heartbeat, blood pressure, and how you're breathing. Everything that is common during a routine check-up. If needed, your child will receive a shot for the chicken pox, measles or mumps.

If your child is involved in sports at school, the Department of Education and the school district sets guidelines for the athletes. The guidelines state that you have to receive a sports physical before you start practice. The sports physical is good for one year.

During the exam, doctors said it's more than just checking your heartbeat. "We are looking at growth patterns, weight and general physical health," said Dr. Justin Voris with SouthPointe Family Practice.

Parents can take their kids to any family physician or wherever they offer vaccination services.

While many of the back-to-school requirements are the same, many districts have a different list of what shots and immunizations are required. If you have questions about what your child needs before heading back, check your district's website or call the school nurse.