Garrett’s Blog: August’s Expectations

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August is the last month of Meteorological Summer and typically when the heat starts to fade. The summer season so far has been near normal with temperatures and above normal for rainfall. The year as a whole has trended below normal.

Image 45

In Northwest Arkansas the normal highs for August are around 90º to start the month and 87º to end the month. Rainfall is usually a little more than 3″ and by the end of the month the sun will be setting about 30min earlier.

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In the River Valley & Greater Fort Smith area the temperatures will continue to skid into the low 90s. Fort Smith usually records less rain than Northwest Arkansas in the month of August.

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For our area the Climate Prediction Center shows “equal chances” for above/below normal temperatures meaning that neither is favored.

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Rainfall is expected to be slight more than normal for Northwest Arkansas. This is due to the persistent ridge of high pressure anchored over Texas and the slowing of fronts across Missouri and N Arkansas that lead to rain chances.

Rainfall for the year continues to trend above normal.

2015 Fort Smith Rain: 45.17″ +18.22″ Above Normal

2015 Fayetteville Rain: 35.28″ +9.35″ Above Normal