Cutting Fat Increases Weight Loss

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Researchers weigh in on different ways to try to drop pounds, and how autistic traits can be beneficial in one area.
A new study suggests cutting fat in your diet can lead to greater weight loss compared to restricting carbohydrates. The study by the US National Institutes of Health closely examined 19 obese adults during a pair of two week periods. First participants ate 30% fewer carbs, then 30% fewer fats. The study shows they lost more body fat during the weeks fats were restricted. Researchers say a low carb diet still reduces insulin and increases fat burning.

If you are trying to lose weight, the American Heart Association says smartphone apps and wearable sensors can help you make healthier choices. The group also says the devices’ effectiveness for reducing risk factors for heart disease and stroke is limited. One in five Americans use some technology to track health data, count steps or try to lose weight.

Researchers in England have found that people with high levels of autistic traits also produce unusually creative ideas. The co-author of the study says the research showed those with autistic traits have less quantity but greater quality of creative ideas.

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