Water In Fayetteville To Return To Normal By Sunday

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The City of Fayetteville is asking that businesses and residents continue the temporary conservation efforts through Sunday (Aug. 16), according to officials.

The city went into conservation mode Friday (Aug. 14) and contacted businesses and residents to to restrict water usage to drinking, cooking and personal hygiene. They also suggested that automatic irrigation and sprinkler systems should be temporarily shut off and unnecessary water usage, like washing machines, be avoided until the repairs were complete.

Mayor Lioneld Jordan said he urges residents and businesses to avoid any unnecessary water usage.

"What I don't encourage them to do is use law sprinklers and wash cars and fill up swimming pools and make sure that your water hoses are all turned off where they're not leaking and that sort of thing and help us through the next 24 hours," he said.

Water and Sewer Operations Manager Mark Rogers said crews found the leak on Wednesday (Aug. 12) after water was found pooling on the road.

"We had problems getting the old pipe out, had some issues getting it back together again today but the pipe is together they're tightening up bolts now and starting to fill the line again," he said.

Rogers said samples of the water were taken by the Beaver Water District on Friday. They were sent to the Arkansas Department of Health for testing.

The test results came back on Saturday (Aug. 15) showing that the water is safe for consumption.

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