Police: Three Arrested In Connection With Robbery At NWA Mall Dillard’s

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- One man and two women were arrested Wednesday (August 13) on numerous charges following a robbery at Dillard's at the Northwest Arkansas Mall in Fayetteville, according to arrested reports.

Derek Cessna, 35, Jennifer Cessna, 35, and Charity Convirs, 19, were booked into the Washington County Detention Center, jail records show.

Fayetteville police officers were called to the mall around 4 p.m. by a loss prevention officer who said a man had taken three watches from a closed display case, arrest reports state. An officer confronted Derek Cessna at the mall entrance where he asked him if he had taken anything, according to arrest reports. Cessna told the officer that he had, threw a pair of sunglasses at him and then took off running toward the exit, the reports state.

The officer was quickly able to catch up with Cessna, who ended up falling to the ground and struggling with police, according to the reports. With the help of a mall security officer, police were able to put a wrist restraint on the suspect, the reports state. During the struggle, Cessna dropped a small film canister on the ground and crushed two other pairs of sunglasses he had stolen from Dillard's, according to reports. Cessna told police he found the film canister in the bathroom, the reports state.

The total dollar amount of items Cessna took from the store was a little over $1,000, according to the arrest reports. A video of officers leading the suspect out of the mall is included above.

Convirs, who was with Cessna at Dillard's, was arrested after stealing a bracelet and trying to remove theft prevention devices from handbags in the store using wire cutters, the arrest reports state.

Officers located Jennifer Cessna in a blue Dodge pickup and she told them that she, Derek Cessna and Convirs came to the mall together, but she had nothing to do with the shoplifting and thefts, according to arrest reports. After Cessna consented to a search of the vehicle, officers found a .38 caliber revolver stuffed down beside the driver's seat, the reports state. Cessna said she was unaware the firearm was there and that she was a convicted felon, according to the reports.

While she was being transported to jail, Cessna smashed a methamphetamine pipe she had on her on the patrol vehicle floor, the reports state. When she was searched at the jail, officers also found .5 grams of meth and an alprazolam, which is considered a controlled substance, in Cessna's bra, according to the reports.

Derek Cessna is facing felony charges of robbery, theft of property, fleeing, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a firearm by certain persons, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief, according to jail records.

Jennifer Cessna is facing two counts of felony possession of a controlled substance, as well as felony charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm by certain persons, tampering with physical evidence and furnishing prohibited articles, jail records show.

Corvis is facing a misdemeanor charge of shoplifting, according to jail records.

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