U Of A Taking Measures To Conserve Water Following Water Line Leak

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville put measures in place Friday (August 14) to reduce water usage after the City of Fayetteville announced it is repairing a major water transmission line leak and asked all residents and businesses to conserve water.

According to a release from the U of A, the university is one of the biggest water users in the city and facilities management is working with other campus units to reduce water use as much as possible:

  • The UA Division of Agriculture will cease irrigation operations that use city water at the university farm.
  • Facilities management is turning off outdoor sprinkler systems.
  • Laboratories and researchers are being asked to conserve water wherever possible and have all fume hood sashes put in the lowest operable position; if fume hoods are empty of all items, they will be turned off.
  • The dining halls will use paper plates and plastic utensils to eliminate the need for using dish washers.
  • The process of refilling the HPER pool will be postponed.
  • The fountains on campus will be turned off.

Everyone on campus is also being asked to reduce the amount of water use as much as possible, until further notice.

There is a possibility the city will be required to issue a boil water order. If that is the case, the campus will be notified via RazALERT.