New Ticketing System Speeds Up Traffic Stop Times In Rogers

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ROGERS (KFSM) - The Rogers Police Department invested in a new high-tech ticketing system which should get motorists back on the road faster, if pulled over.

With the simple scan of a bar code on a driver’s license, the Rogers Police Department is able to upload all of a driver`s information into their data base in a matter of seconds.

“It is kind of stream lining, and making [an officer’s] process more efficient,” said James Baker, a captain with the department.

Baker said the new 'Digi-Tech' system should speed up traffic stops.

“We can scan [an identification card.] It puts that information into the ticket. And, it allows them to print that out,” Baker said. “All [officers] have to do is add the charges, and some other minor information.”

The system then prints tickets out on a receipt-like document.

By going digital, Rogers Police join departments like Fayetteville, Bentonville, and the Arkansas State Police.

Baker said the system will make traffic stops quicker for both officers, and traffic violators.

“I think you could easily say it cuts the time in a traffic stop in half,” Baker said. “It is a lot less work on them, they don`t have to write as much.”

Police said 70 officers have been working with the new ‘Digi-Tech’ ticketing system since July 6.

With less time spent on the side of traffic, police said the $193,000 investment will also improve officer safety.


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