5NEWS Fit: Parkour Workouts

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A different kind of workout has become the latest internet sensation. It's called Parkour. It definitely beats that foreign run on the treadmill.

In Parkour, you move place to place taking the shortest route possible. Like moves you've seen in action movies, you leap and roll around an obstacle course.

Parkour has gotten so popular that special gyms have now opened up across the country.

"It's a good workout. It's got a lot of running, a lot of explosive movements. Everything like that. And unlike other sports, martial arts and things like that, there's no real set course or no real set movement that you have to do. So it's very popular right now because everybody can do it their way." said Brian Depue of Play Hard Gym.

Parkour was created in the 1980s in France by the son of a French Special Forces soldier who modeled the movements after his training.

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