Adventure Arkansas: Swimming Holes

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After seeing some of the hottest temperatures in 2 years this summer, nothing is better than cooling down in a good ol' fashioned swimming hole.  In this week's Adventure Arkansas Sean Bailey takes us to some hidden holes across the area. 

The Natural State provides so many different ways to soak in the outdoors. There are a wide array of swimming holes all throughout the River Valley and Northwest Arkansas, so we decided to take you to 3 of our favorites.

First up is Bluff Hole in Mulberry, which is located right off of US 64 on the east side of Mulberry. The water from the Mulberry River is peacefully surrounded by beautiful bluffs. While you are able to jump into the water, you should use extreme caution as those rocks get very slippery.

Next up, north of Van Buren and Cedarville off of Highway 59 is the Natural Dam. It's almost like Arkansas's natural version of an infinity pool with the water pouring over. It's a swimming hole Houston, Destiny and Quinten of Cedarville have enjoyed their whole lives.

"The top is more deep. It's not all level. It's kinda at like a slant, and then over there it gets shallow again, so you can go all the way past and walk." All three say you do need to be careful because the area is especially slippery.

Our final stop was in Wreck Hole. Hidden behind Carter Park Baseball fields in West Fork, you walk right into the cool and calm waters of the White River. As in Mulberry, plenty of rocks to jump off of, but do be extremely careful. They can be slippery, and  the depths of the diving area can change due to lack of rain.

So as long as you stay safe, swimming holes can be a refreshing way to get some R&R.

Locations to all the swimming holes we just explored are on our Adventure Arkansas interactive map.

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