U.S. Marshals Coin Now Available At Two Local Walmart Stores

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RIVER VALLEY (KFSM) – Two Walmart stores in the River Valley are now selling the U.S. Marshal Silver Dollar commemorative coin.

More than 200 coins were sold at the Zero St. Walmart in Fort Smith, and more than 100 were sold at the Walmart in Greenwood on Saturday (August 22).

Employees said many people, like Lee Freeman, stopped by just to check out the coins. He said it was a chance to see them in person, instead of buying them online.

“It is more convenient because the site doesn't always have them available. They sell out and you have to be put on a back order,” Freeman said.

The coins will be available at the two locations through the end of the year, according to Alice Alt with the museum. She said the Mint will continue to make coins as needed.

Each coin will cost $51.95.