Train Cars At Chaffee Crossing Lead To Conspiracy Theories

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FORT CHAFFEE (KFSM)-- Dozens of train cars sitting in the middle of Chaffee Crossing have been creating conspiracy theories in the area.

“These train cars have been here for about a month, and what they`re doing I don`t really know,” said Phillip Taylor, retired lawyer. “I suspect that they`ve had something in them, but I think they`re empty now.”

Many inquiring minds like Taylor’s have been wondering why the train cars are sitting there, so 5NEWS decided to find out.

"Off and on they've been here for a couple years,” Executive Director Ivy Owen, Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority said. “We have an agreement with Fort Smith Railroad that operates our rail service that they can store cars here when they need to. These cars are all empty and clean."

They’ve been making the Fort Chaffee Redevelopment Authority quite a bit of money, according to Owen.

“When you have 265 of them, and they're here for three or four months, it's several thousand dollars a month,” Owen said.

The train cars are getting quite a bit of attention from conspiracy theorists as well.

“Oh I love those conspiracy theorists,” Owen said. “Anything different, it could be a conspiracy. Anything that hadn't been the way it was, especially out here. It could be ghosts. It could be FEMA. It could be who knows what it could be, but it`s really not.”

Owen said anyone is welcome to come out and take a look at the train cars.

He said when they are in use, the cars typically carry fuel or fertilizer.


  • Charles McManus

    First let me say I am not big on conspiracy theories. There are a few I can see the logic of but even them I take it with a grain of salt and want some level of proof. Having said that just remember “Just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you”.

    • James Kaelin (@jekaelin)

      Let me first say this, you aren’t going to get Ivy Owen to admit to anything! He is not from here, he hasn’t a clue what has been, or what is at Fort Chaffee, He certainly won’t admit that there was ever any AGENT ORANGE TESTING or STORING OF AGENT ORANGE THERE AT ALL! When there is Documented Facts from DOD, that there was and that there still is AGENT ORNAGE OUT THERE! Oh what about the 40,000 Plastic Coffins that are out there!

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