Springdale School District Says No Gang Problem In Schools

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- According to police, the suspect and the victim in the August 19 shooting near Springdale High School both went there, but the spokesman for the school district said they do not have a gang problem at the high school.

Cristopher Nicasio, 17, was charged with attempted capital murder for shooting a 16-year-old boy three times, according to court documents.

Springdale School District Spokesman Rick Schaeffer said there has never been a gang-related incident on campus.

"There is not a lot of time for [gangs]," he said. "You go to class, you go to lunch and you get to school and leave school and between periods there is five minutes to get to your next class."

If there is any indication a student is involved in gang-activity, the school will take disciplinary action that can range from counseling to expulsion, according to Schaeffer. The district also prohibits the display of gang signs, he added.

"So for instance, even someone who has one on their notebook that can be grounds for some kind of disciplinary action," Schaeffer said. "If you are wearing it on your clothing our teachers recognize it and that can be grounds for disciplinary action. So does that mean that person is actually in a gang? We do not always identify that, but we know what the signs are."

Schaeffer encourages any parent or student with information about gangs to contact police.


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