Arkansas Law Agencies Refuse To Remove ‘In God We Trust’ Decals

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CAVE CITY, Ark. (KTHV) — A Wisconsin-based non-profit organization is demanding that two law enforcement agencies remove new decals from their patrol cars.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation sent a letter demanding the Cave City Police Department and Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office remove the weeks old “In God We Trust” decals from their units to avoid offending non-Christians and subjecting them to unwarranted prejudice.

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  • Stephanie Evans

    God is woven into the very fabric of the blanket of security this country was founded under….one nation under God. We are a Christian nation and that was made explicitly clear by our founding fathers. God and Jesus are both referenced in our very own Constitution with the letters A.D. meaning anno domini, year of our Lord, and that phrase is repeated just after Article Vll in the closing of the Constitution. Furthermore, it is stated ““If any Bill shall not be returned by the President within ten Days (Sundays excepted) after it shall have been presented to him, the Same shall be a Law…” Except Sundays. If our forefathers were speaking of other religions they could have used Friday or Saturday, but they didn’t. Why? Because we, as a Christian nation, worship on Sundays. Also, “By “prohibiting the free exercise thereof,” the Framers intended to convey that the federal government was not to interfere with the free and public practice of the Christian religion—the very thing that the courts have been doing since the 1960s.” God has been entrusted with our financial success by the phrase “In God we trust” on our monies. We give allegiance to our country/our flag and all that it stands for, one nation under God. When we swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God, we do it by placing our hand upon the Christian Bible. Our government is meant to protect the people and our way of life, but somehow the lines have become blurred. We are no longer free to hunt our own land without a license, we can no longer sell our own stuff at our own yard sale without a permit, we have government sanctioned curfews for our children, we are taxed for living and for dying. You don’t see Christians demanding to put government stamped crosses on certain meats yet in this country we have various religious groups wanting Kosher or Halal stamped meats. This is a free country. You are free to hire a Rabbi and bless your meat if you so choose, or to do whatever you need to do to make it Halal, but it you want this done, let it be done at your own expense, it should not be done at the expense of the American taxpayers. This is America and if you go into a southern American restaurant and order biscuits and gravy, don’t sue the owner because there was bacon grease in your gravy. God liked the fat of animals in case you hadn’t heard. By the same token of freedom, you can worship as you wish. You are free to call God by any name you wish, Cristo, Allah, Jehovah or any other name, that is your right, but what you cannot do is change who He is and what we are…..One Nation Under God. We must stop the unraveling of the blanket or it will be a cold day in hell.

  • Jennifer Rowell

    This is so ridiculous. I was born and raised in Cave City. It’s a southern baptist town, trust me, there’s no one there that will be offended. In fact- they’ve been praising how happy they are that it’s on the police cars.

  • Pam Terry

    First of all our Constitution says “FREEDOM OF RELIGION” not “from” !!! If you re a Wisconsin based group then my suggestion would be STAY IN WISCONSIN and mind your own business!!!

  • Dan Mac

    The establishment clause is pretty clear.

    This is a government agency endorsing christianity. Endorsement is equivalent to establishing a state religion, and is therefore a clear violation of the first amendment.

    When it comes to religion and government, majority does not rule. If that annoys you, there are plenty of theocracies to chose from.

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