Muldrow Student Recovering After Being Airlifted From Football Scrimmage

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MULDROW (KFSM)– A  high school football player is recovering at home after injuring himself during a scrimmage Thursday night (August 27).

It was the last football scrimmage of the year for the Muldrow Bulldogs before their season begins.

Freshman running back Jake Hope wanted to get some experience playing defense when he took a hard hit.

High school principal Steve Page was at the game and said as soon as hope took the hit everyone knew something was wrong.

“He went to make a tackle, dove for the running back, and somebody came across, and their knee hit his head, which caused his neck to jar,” Page said. “He was numb, lost feeling in his left side.”

Principal Page said Hope took a hit and didn`t get up, and moments later a helicopter landed on the 50-yard line to take him to a Tulsa hospital.

Dakota baker was at the scrimmage when it all happened.

“He was laying down on the field with probably 15 or 20 people around him,” Baker said. “Everyone was just wondering what happened and wanted to know what was going on.”

Even before Hope was taken to the hospital there were signs he was going to be ok.

“By the time the helicopter arrived he was starting to get some movement in his toes, but they went ahead and took him, and as the night progressed he got better,” Page said.

Hope was released from the hospital Friday (August 28). Doctors said he received a stinger, or a nerve-pinch injury.

“I think his first words to the doctor this morning were he wants the notes, so he can be released to play football,” Page said.

Hope will return to school and football Monday (August 31).