New Student Safety App Offered At University Of Arkansas

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The University of Arkansas is offering a free application to students and faculty this school year to help them stay safe on campus.

The app is called "Rave Guardian," and is free to anyone that has a University of Arkansas email address. Capt. Gary Crain with university police said the panic button is the mainĀ feature of the application. If the user presses the button police will be notified via text.

"[It] gives their location and it is to be used in an emergency that way police can respond and help the person out," Crain said.

He said the user can also program guardians' names and numbers into the phone, allowing them to be alerted as well. Freshman Bridgett Jebson said she will be taking advantage of the app.

"I would definitely look into downloading it especially walking home late at night," Jebson said.

Crain said the app not only works on the University of Arkansas campus, but anywhere in the country. He said anywhere a 911 call center can receive a text, the user can use the app.

"It is extremely useful in every situation," Freshman Ashley Grizzle said.

She said she would like using the third feature, where the user can program what time they should arrive somewhere. If the GPS location is not picked up, an alert is sent out.

"College kids here a lot are from Texas and that is like a six hour drive so obviously if you do not make it back in six hours something is up, so being able to alert someone obviously would be a good thing," Grizzle said.

The app also allows students to report something anonymously by sending a text or picture to police.