Drones Prohibited On University Of Arkansas Campus

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The University of Arkansas is restricting the use of drones on and over their campus starting Tuesday (Sept. 1),

University leaders said their main concerns are security, privacy and safety as drones become less expensive and more accessible. There will be some exceptions to the rule if the drone operator goes through the proper approval process and is using the aircraft for research or commercial purposes.

Cpt. Gary Crain with university police said the school was especially concerned about drone use as football season gets underway.

"We just cannot take a chance in having someone injured by the proliferation of drones going up trying to get video," he said.

There will be consequences for those who are caught using drones on campus.

"If the person is affiliated with the University of Arkansas, we have a university judicial system that will deal with that situation," Crain said. "If they are not, they do not get to use that system and it would be only the court system that they would have to deal with."

Other universities are taking similar measures. Auburn and Mississippi State are two of the schools in the SEC that are prohibiting drones on campus.

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