Flavors of the Week: MJ’s Pizzeria

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Do you ever want something decadent without getting dressed up and paying a lot?  Chef Miles James from James at the Mill has opened a pizzeria in Springdale called MJ's Pizzeria. Let's see what he's cooking up.

As soon as you step inside all of your senses come to life. From the fun atmosphere to the aroma of the amazing food. Meteorologist Melissa Hall asks what lead Chef Miles James to open his latest venture.

Miles James explains, "That's really what it was all about, is Neapolitan style, thin crust, great, great toppings. Fresh and wonderful, a beautiful, beautiful crust, cooked in a wood fire. That's what inspired me to do it. We put a lot of effort into sourcing our ingredients. We know where our food comes from. It's really important to me. If it's not grown for us, then I've done a ton of research to know where is this coming from, who's touching it between the manufacturer and me."

But outstanding pizzas are not the only thing on the menu. They've also got unbelievable pastas and desserts that are just as fresh.

Miles James talks about making his gnocchi, "Nice thin cut prosciutto on top. A pinch of fresh herbs. Every day, MJ pizzeria. Come get some. We send in the prosciutto from Italy. Absolutely my favorite prosciutto. Gorgeous. Beautiful pink, nice flavor. Just amazing. 36 months aged. Salt and Italian air, and Italian ham."

Don't leave without trying the delicious tiramisu. Made with homemade ladyfingers!

You have the different textures coming together with the different flavors, and it just makes it almost explode in your mouth. It's a definite must try. You've got to come out and try MJ'S Pizzeria. You get the quality, that fresh, fantastic, local ingredients made with love and it comes across. It's amazing!

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