5NEWS Fit: Starting a Workout Routine

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Now that kids are back in school, fitness instructors say this is the perfect time for parents to focus on themselves and start a workout routine.

They're are plenty of workout routines to choose from at the Marvin Altman Fitness Center, which offers a wide variety of classes throughout the day. Fitness Instructor, Tamika LaTorre says it's not about having time. It's about making time. The hardest part is to get started.

"Once you find something that you like, and you make friends, especially coming to classes. Classes are so good because you have that motivation, and you have those people pumping you up, cheering you on. You always want to surround yourself with people that are doing things that build you up, not tear you down."

She offers these tips to those starting a workout regiment.

First, plan ahead by marking your calendar. It will help you get into a routine.

Second, prepare the night before to save time before hitting the gym. Some people even sleep in their fitness gear so they can start the workout as soon as they wake up.

Third, find something you enjoy, such as walking, cycling, or yoga.

Finally, include your kids. Once they're done with school, of course. Instead of letting them watch television or play video games, encourage them to get outside and be active.

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