Adventure Arkansas: Trout Fishing

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A fishing expert is teaming up with a local company to show off news lures, making trout fishing easier and safer. We caught up with them for this week's Adventure Arkansas.

Some of the best trout fishing in America is just a short drive away, in Northern Arkansas. For Jeff Samuels and his son, Ashes, this was the perfect place to start a three and a half week, cross country trout fishing trip.

Dry Run Creek is a special fishing spot for kids 16 and under, as well as angles with special needs, making this a great spot for teaching kids the art of trout fishing. There is also a unique restriction at Dry Run - only barbless hooks can be used.

Jeff Samuels explains, "With no barb it's much safer for [Ashes] and me and handling the fish, and really when you keep the line tight when you're fighting a fish, you lose very few fish from barbless hooks. They're just as effective as those that have the barbs."

Jeff teamed up with Rebel Fishing Lures to test the new barbless hooks while at some of the country's most iconic trout fishing spots, including Dry Run. For locally based Rebel Fishing Lures, it's all about keeping it safe and easy for anglers of all ages.

Rebel Fishing Lures explains, "We wanted to make lures out of the package that someone could go to Wal-mart or a local store like A to Z and buy it off the shelf and right out of the package and take that lure and catch trout legally."

New fishing gear and special access creeks, like Dry Run, allow more kids than ever before to explore nature and learn the wonders of trout fishing.

"At the end of the day, it's about spending time with you family and enjoying creation with your family."

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