Centerton Police Chief To Step Down Following LOPFI Vote

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CENTERTON (KFSM) -- After a hearing in Little Rock with the board of the Arkansas Local Police and Fire Retirement System, known as LOPFI, the Centerton police chief will have to step down Sept. 10.

Police Chief Rodney Reed, Mayor Bill Edwards and City Attorney Brian Rabal were in Little Rock Thursday (Sept. 3) to appeal LOPFI's decision regarding Reed's employment at the police department. At the hearing, the board of LOPFI voted seven to zero to uphold Reed's ineligibility to serve as police chief.

According to LOPFI, Reed selected a retirement plan that did not allow him to continue serving as a law enforcement officer in Arkansas after he resigned from his role as police chief at Bethel Heights.

"He is certainly upset," Rabal said. "[LOPFI told us] we sympathize with your situation, but this is our interpretation of the law and we are standing by it."

LOPFI Executive Director David Clark said the board set the date for Reed's resignation.

"They have between now and Sept. 10 to come into compliance," he said. "Otherwise we will request the state to hold their revenue sharing."

Rabal, Reed and Edwards filed a special request with the board to have more time to find a new police chief, but that request was denied as well.

Rabal said the mayor is looking for alternative ways to keep Reed on as a city employee. He said they are exploring the legality of creating a city administration position that would oversee the police department without Reed actually having police duties.

Rabal said the mayor has not yet considered any replacements for Reed and is not sure when the search for a new chief will begin.