Machete Slashing Victim Describes Attack

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- University of Arkansas police identified a man who is accused of injuring two people with a machete Thursday (Sept. 3), according to authorities.

The suspect was identified as Ashley Kyle Pettey, 36, according to an arrest report.

Police said they responded to a reported stabbing call near a wooded area east of Razorback Road and south of Martin Luther King Boulevard at around 7:18 p.m.

Pettey was in his campsite when the two victims confronted him saying he had to move his camp so as not to attract attention to the area, the arrest report states. An argument broke out after Pettey refused and when the confrontation got physical he pulled out a machete with an 11 inch blade, according to the report. Pettey swung the machete several times hitting both victims in the neck, the report states.

One of the victims was taken to the hospital in critical condition last night, according to police. The victim had to have his neck sutured by a trauma surgeon to prevent him from bleeding to death. The other victim had to have sutures in his neck and arm to treat the wounds, but his injuries were not characterized as life threatening. Pettey was also injured in his left eye and was treated at the hospital before he was taken to the Washington County Detention Center, according to the arrest report.

Pettey is facing charges of first and second-degree battery and aggravated assault, the report states.

Police said there is no threat to the public and all the individuals involved are not affiliated with the university.

Eyewitnesses said a person came running into the street with a cloth around a cut on his neck asking for help. The eyewitnesses also said a man carrying a machete ran into the nearby woods. They said multiple people received medical attention, including the man who they said was carrying the machete.

A RazAlert was sent out to students and staff following the attack.

The land where the stabbing happened is leased by the University of Arkansas and the wood area along Razorback Road is a known homeless camp.

In January, 2015, police found the body of a homeless man in the wooded area and arrested another homeless man in the case. Police said the victim died after he was involved in a fight.

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    • Harry Kuheim

      Thank the Liberal P.C. Fools running your Universities, Cities, and States for this….they didn’t want to offend these Bums squatting on Public Property and have allowed this to happen…All Bums should all be moved to the State Capitol Grounds and White House Lawn.

  • Robert Zeurunkl

    This sounds to me like self defense. Two busybodies meddled in the affairs of the wrong man. That wooded area is nowhere near the school. There’s a housing area adjacent to the wooded area, but so far as I know, residents are not allowed to take it upon themselves to forcibly remove homeless people from the woods. That’s the job of the police and social workers.

  • Michelle Land

    Here is an idea. If you know that there is a homeless camp on U of A property, and there have already been at least 2 violent crimes in that camp, then why don’t you get them out of there? Our students should not live in fear of walking around campus property! U of A needs to step up and DO SOMETHING to protect the students! Since we didn’t have a thousand dollars for a special reserved space for our child at U of A, they are having to park extremely close to this wooded area! FIX THIS!

  • mickey2942

    Reminds me of walking in Miami, I saw two people arguing with machetes, I thought we would see a homocide. My friend told me not to worry, you only worry when ONE person has a machete!

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