Students Use Sidewalk Chalk To Create 9/11 Mural

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Students from Union Christian Academy got together to create a mural in downtown Fort Smith. The mural is divided; one side shows downtown Fort Smith including the Ferris Wheel and the Tower at The University of Arkansas Fort Smith. The other side shows key landmarks in New York City like the Brooklyn Bridge.

The mural was painted to remember 9-11. The coordinator of Union Christian Academy Murals, Susan Pruitt said, "I'm just kind of astonished that these children, when 9/11 happened, they were probably toddlers, and just to see how they could come up with such a creative idea on how Fort Smith was impacted, and that mural drawing I thought was pretty spectacular."

Mike Richards, fire chief of Fort Smith Fire Department said, "We just made a commitment that every year we weren't going to forget it (9/11). We've noticed over time that some people forget, and some agencies who may have done memorials in the past have a tendency to not do them anymore, and we decided that we weren't going to be one of those agencies, that we were going to do one every year."

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