How to Decrease Chance of Breast Cancer & Risks of Indoor Pesticides

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A warning for parents using pesticides indoors, and can certain foods cut your risk of breast cancer?

A new study suggests a Mediterranean diet rich in extra virgin olive oil can cut women's breast cancer risk by almost 70%. Spanish researchers tracked women between sixty and eighty years old. Those eating mostly plants, fish, and olive oil appeared to significantly reduce the likelihood of breast cancer.

New research in Pediatrics looks at tricycle accidents involving children and finds the head is most frequently injured. Researchers say that it’s an important reminder for parents to have kids wear helmets. About 10,000 children are treated in the ER every year after tricycle accidents.

Harvard researchers have found that exposure to indoor pesticides, not outdoor ones, can increase a child’s risk of leukemia and lymphoma. They say parents should make every effort to limit a child’s exposure to the chemicals.

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