5NEW FIT: Special Organization Helps Disabled Athletes

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A lesson in overcoming the odds, rock climbing can be difficult for anyone, but for amputees it would seem even more so. Cory Ramos says he's not letting that stop him. He's continued to rock climb with his team.

Cory Ramos explains, "I'm a below the knee amputee on my right leg. I was actually born congenitally without my leg. Once I showed interest to walk, they fit me for a prosthetic, and I started walking."

It wasn't long before walking turned to running, and running turned to rock climbing. "It's just like walking. For any challenge for anyone, it's just getting over the obstacle, and one you accomplish one obstacle, you start on something bigger and something more intimidating."

It's that "can do" attitude that led Cory to work with others. He's teamed up with Catalyst Sports, a non-profit organization making sports like rock climbing and kayaking accessible to disabled athletes. The program also supplies participants with shoes, chalk, harnesses, and adaptive equipment that is specialized to their needs.

"It's incredible, because it opens up the community. So all of a sudden you have someone with an amputation climbing right next to someone that's blind, climbing right next to someone in a wheel chair,  climbing right next to an able-bodied individual," says Eric Gray, Catalyst Sports Founder.

Sponsored by: Sparks Health System

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