Adventure Arkansas: Skateboarding

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You see people catching massive air on blades and boards all the time on the X Games. Sean Bailey slides into one of the largest skate parks in Arkansas. Remember that these guys you are about to see are advanced skaters, so you shouldn't try these at home.

Welcome to BoarderTown, a haven for skaters and bladers alike looking to hone their skating skills. Nestled right behind the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Rogers Ave in Fort Smith, sits over 10,000 square feet of skater paradise.

Kyle Freeman from Fort Smith has been dedicated to skateboarding for 13 years. "There's transitions, which is quarter pipes and grinding, then there's the wall ride, which is right over there. I just love going fast and trying new stuff."

His advice to skaters starting off, "Trial and error, fall down and fall down and fall down. It's one thing to see a little kid in here, and see um again and again and again, and I root them on all the time."

The park has amenities for any skill level, whether you want to take it really slow like me, or feel you're up to jumping right in to their quarter pipes or their bowl. Also there's plenty of ways to slide the rails and hop on different platforms.

Manager Nick Gibson says they can help you get started if you need equipment too. "We got a skate shop with all the best skateboard brands, wheels, chucks, everything you need to get a skateboard, shoes, apparel, everything."

One of the best feelings of skating is becoming one with your board, according to skater Nate Meyers. "This literally feels like an extension of you, it's like a form of martial arts."

You are also able to bring your rollerblades too.

There's also outdoor Skate parks at MLK Park in Fort Smith, Walker Skatepark in Fayetteville and many more.

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