Oklahoma Court Affirms Life Sentence For Man Who Killed Pregnant Girlfriend

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Chris Simpson

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFSM) — The Oklahoma Court of Criminals Appeals affirmed the life sentence of a LeFlore County man who was found guilty of murdering his pregnant girlfriend in April 2012.

Christopher Kenyon Simpson, 29, of Spiro, was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder in the April 8, 2012, shooting death of Kaloni Flynn and her 12-week-old fetus.

Simpson was the father of Flynn’s unborn baby, and was upset because she refused to have an abortion, according to authorities.

Simpson has already begun his sentence and has no future court date, according to the Sequoyah County District Attorney’s Office.

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  • Johnny Trawickell

    I really hate that this piece of cesspool matter, this parasite on society, will be allowed to languish around in prison in the A/C soaking up more of the taxpayer money. He has been supported by the taxpayer his entire life and now the taxpayer will have to continue supporting him for another 30 or more years. Stand his sorry behind up against a wall and shoot him like you would a rabid dog, give the taxpayer a break for goodness sake.

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