Flavor of the Week: Newk’s Eatery

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On this Flavor of the Week, we stop by Newk's Eatery, where they are redefining what it means to eat quick food whether here, to go, or catered in. One thing you're guaranteed at Newk's, besides tantalizing tastes, is great and consistent quality that is reflected in their recipes.

Chef Fred Ginn, Product Manager for Newk's says, "It's their grandmother's recipe. And that's what you'll find a lot here a lot of these recipes were handed down from grandma and from Dr. Newcomb himself."

Chef Fred Ginn whipped us up one of their scrumptious salads that's from a Newcomb Family recipe. As you can imagine, it starts with the freshest ingredients. Even though the salad was absolutely amazing and huge there was no way for Meteorologist, Melissa Hall, to finish it, even though she wanted to.

Ginn laughs, "That's actually our #1 complaint is our salads are too big."

Salads aren't all you'll find on this menu. "One of my favorite dishes is the Newk's Q pizza. Dr. Newcomb tried the white barbecue sauce he couldn't buy the recipe from the gentleman. So he went home and spent three or four months deconstructing the recipe. Came up with the recipe. It's what we use on the Newk's Q sandwich on the Newk's pizza."

With a menu that boasts specialty toasted sandwiches, fresh tossed salads, artisan pizzas and delicious desserts, you will definitely leave feeling satisfied. "Very flavorable food fast. So the way it impacts your palette is very important to what we're doing."

Regardless of what you order, you can rest assured that nothing is pre-made or pre-packaged. With salads, sandwiches, and even pizzas made from scratch, Newk's might be quick food, but it is definitely fresh and delicious.

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