Southside Mascot Committee Holds First Meeting, Encourages Student Participation

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- A committee tasked with choosing Southside High School’s new mascot met for the first time Monday night (Sept. 21).

The new fight song was already selected, but now a new mascot has to be chosen as well. The school's principal, Wayne Haver, is head of the committee made up of students, alumni, faculty and citizens.

“I think that it is a major honor, and I think it is really neat that we are going to have, me and the other students, will have a say in Southside’s future, and that we actually get to have some type of input in this awesome decision,” said Student Body President Catherine Owen.

Committee members were given a list of every mascot proposal that was put in a suggestion box that was at the high school for two weeks. The number one choice so far was the Rebels, the same mascot that was voted out by the Fort Smith School Board, but Owen said she hopes the students will start to embrace a new tradition.

“I hope that it can be something that everyone gets behind,” Owen said. “People need to be positive about the change. Change is coming, and all we can do is be positive about it and make the most of it.”

The meeting was about getting organized and taking more suggestions, but Haver said a decision will be made soon, and he wants more input from the students.

“It is all about the students," he said. "This is their school, and this is their mascot, basically, and so they need to be involved in it very heavily."

The meeting was open to the public, but Principal Haver said it was not open for public input. He said that will come at later meetings.


  • albundy1946

    I vote the mascot should be a rainbow flag, the football uniforms should be multi color 80’s neon for diversity, and the cheerleaders should wear slacks and a collar shirt; because it’s sexist to wear a skirt. As for the fight song, it should be… if I could teach the world to sing in perfect harmony. That way no one’s felling will be hurt; Ok? Now, you teach your children to cower to anyone in life this is mean to them, me; ill teach my kids… rainbow flags are for the weak, but stand up for the kid holding rainbow flag and plleeeaaaaassssseeeeeee attend a school with better leadership, fair?

    • Daniel Fleming (@DanFlem862)

      It’s been suggested that keeping the Rebel name and switching to, say, a Revolutionary War figure would be acceptable. As an alumnus, I’d be okay with that…and it would fit a theme of several schools in the district…Patriots, Rangers, and now Rebels–one that looks like a fierce American general. Same school colors, same name and script “Rebs” and “Rebels”. Easy fix, but not what the school board wants, so…

  • arnold fudpucker

    No change is wanted. The recent board election stated that loud and clear. The elitists on the board should realize that they are subject to the will of the people and not the other way around.

  • parr1948

    How about the Southside Rebel Armadillos. The armadillo has the same characteristics of the FSSD Admin. When faced with opposition, it cowers itself in its shell to avoid confrontation. Another option would be the Pussy Cats (easy on the Cats). This way they can use the initials PC to remind them to always be politically correct in an effort not to upset any minority group that is disgruntled with our southern history.

    • parr1948

      That’s a good start but for real change we need to remove the superintendent and his AD. These individuals have zero integrity, no accountability and certainly lack in leadership qualities. We need an Admin that doesn’t believe they are above reproach and can balance academics and athletics. These “good ole boys” have got to go to bring this district back to excellence.

  • Shellie Deckard

    “It is all about the students,” he said. “This is their school, and this is their mascot, basically, and so they need to be involved in it very heavily.” IF its really about the STUDENTS and its THEIR mascot then they need to listen to what they have already voted. Period. The students have already spoken, they want to keep their mascot and schools traditions they way they are. I’d say that is being very heavily involved. What don’t these school officials understand? .If this is really about what the students want then the parents need to stand united with them on this, as well as the alumni. Its time people stop letting the pc crowd change their heritage.

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